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Preferred Ear Irrigator

Preferred Ear Irrigator®

Designed exclusively for cerumen management, our Preferred Ear Irrigator is one of the more convenient methods of cerumen removal.  It attaches to the Water Pik® (models WP60W, WP65W or WP70W), directing the pulsating water stream through four laser cut jets.  These jets have been designed so that the water does not strike the tympanic membrane, rather the water is aimed toward the canal where it safely loosens and removes the cerumen with a rocking action.  Possibility of damage to the TM is further reduced by the smooth, round design of the tip.  The Preferred Ear Irrigator® comes with four feet of Tygon Tubing, allowing for greater maneuverability during use.  Will withstand sterilization by all conventional methods. For use by qualified medical professionals only.


  • FDA approved tygon tubing

  • High quality polished stainless tubing, laser cut jets and Delrin stopper.

  • Otolaryngologist use this method as a convenient and thorough pre-surgical cleansing.

  • Audiologists find it very beneficial in cerumen management.

  • Primary Care & Emergency Physicians are able to use this method to obtain an immediate view of the tympanic membrane.

  • Pediatricians benefit by the light weight and ease of this method.


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