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Gomco Suction Unit

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Gomco Suction/Aspirators: #GO-300, #GO-309 and #GO-180 
We offer three Gomcos. The GO-300 suction only, the GO-309 with suction and irrigation and the new GO-180 portable - battery operated: 

This lightweight portable Gomco with diaphragm pump is the perfect answer for all general suction use.  It's powerful 1/8 horespower motor creates up to 22" Hg vacuum, excellent for cerumen management, foreign body extraction and hearing aid receiver cleaning.  Unit includes a guage, precision suction regulating valve, 600ml glass collection bottle, bacteria filter and Gomco disposable tubing with graduated ends for sure fit suction.  It is compact for easy portability and storage: 12 x 9 x 13 inches and weighs only 23 pounds.

This Gomco unit is designed specifically for ENT treatment.  May be used for irrigation and suction.  The diaphragm compressor is designed to provide 0" to 22" Hg vacuum and 0 to 50 psi of pressure.  The model is equipped with independent vacuum and pressure guages, precision regulating valve, graduated glass 600ml collection bottle, disposable tubing, reinforced spray tube, bacterial filter to prevent fluid and aerosol contamination.  Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 13 inches and weighs only 23 pounds.

Suction on the go! The new Gomco Portable Aspirator will operate for 3 hours on its own internal battery at maximum vacuum (500mm Hg). The battery is fully charged after 8 hours, yet can run for 1 hour after just 2 hours of charging. Comes with disposable tubing and 3 hydrophobic bacteria filters.  


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