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Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Affordable Ultrasonic Cleaning! 
Save time, save instruments and now save money!

  • Ideal for maintaining your surgical instruments by cleaning and removing microscopic organic materials.
  • A must for cleaning and preventing clogs on those delicate spray tubes on your ENT Bottles. 
  • Great for your Baron and Frazier suction tubes. 


Our attractive, European designed all black ultrasonic is constructed of durable ABS and boasts an "Advanced Digital Control" (ADCS).  The EconoLine unit may be used with tap water and household soap or Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions.  Whether outfitting a satellite office or needing a back-up unit, with it's 2.6 quart capacity and it's ultra low price our EconoLine unit is the perfect answer for all your ultrasonic needs:

  • Advanced Digital Control System (ADCS)

  • Digital control heater

  • Digital control timer

  • Stainless steel 2.6 quart size tank (9.5" x 5.5" x 3")

  • Dura-last transducers

  • Removable full size stainless steel basket

  • Evaporation resistant tight-close cover

  • 1 Year limited warranty


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