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Dino-Lite AD4013MTL

  • Dino-Lite AD4013MTL

Product Description

AD4013MTL is Discontinued See: AM7115MZTL (metal) or AD4113TL 
The Dino-Lite AD4013MTL digital handheld microscope camera has a 1.3 megapixel sensor, longer working distance, and is encased in aluminum alloy housing with interchangeable nozzles. This model comes with both a standard open faced nozzle as well as a sealed transparent cap nozzle designed to protect the lens and built in LED lights from dust, debris and moisture common to certain work environments. The removable nozzles also provide the user the option of increasing working distance when using the digital microscope without any nozzle installed. Longer working distance models such as the AD4013MTL are great for applications that require a certain space between object and microscope to either work under or require a certain distance to view. This model includes measurement with calibration and other features such as “MicroTouch” shutter trigger, 8 built in LED lights with on/off, and much more.

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