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Dino-Lite Either Monitor or TV Video Otoscope AMH-EAN

  • Dino-Lite Video Otoscope TV
  • Dino-Lite Video OtoscopeTV

Product Description

The AMH-EAN Dino-Lite Analog Otoscope is designed to connect directly to a TV or monitor via RCA/Component cables.  Ideal for siturations where computers are not easily accessible. It is a portable, easy to use, lightweight Otoscope that fits in the palm of your hands. This model provides users with remarkable analog images of the ear canal and tympanic membrane at 0.3 megapixels (640 × 480) resolution. Excellent for teaching, consulting and allowing patients to simultaneously view the affected area. With the simplicity of an analog connection, the user can see direct real-time images from the scope with minimal setup time. Simply plug the device into a television set and then plug the transformet into any wall outlet, and it is ready to use. For those who desire a Otoscope that runs off a computer using a USB connection see our digital Otoscopes AMH-EUT-V3 and AM311H.

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