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We offer a complete line of professional, high quality, economically priced headlights featuring halogen or the NEW LED 3 watt (our brightest ever)!  Lightweight, comfortable and versatile, they are available with transformer or rechargeable battery pack for maximum user mobility.  


HL-1560-Halogen: Our best priced EconoLine Halogen Headlight.  Powerful, lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use, yet this Halogen Headlight is less expensive than standard incandescent headlights!  It has 10 watts of intense Halogen light @ 3200°K.  The lens is fully coated, ground and polished optical crown glass.  The projected light beam easily focuses from a small 3/4" at 10" working distance for ENT, up to a 4" spot at 18" working distance for surgery work.  With gold contact surfaces and soldered connections, the Halogen headset weighs only 4 ounces!  The HL-1560-H comes complete with 120v, 60Hz wall transformer, 11' cord and connector-switch.

HL-1565-Halogen with Battery Pack: Our best priced EconoLine Halogen Headlight (HL-1560-H above) with the added user convenience of a rechargeable Battery Kit!  Makes it portable - go from room to room! Battery Pack includes premium cells in custom nylon case, designed to clip to pocket or belt.   With on/off switch the battery gives 1 hour plus of illumination per charge.   With the HL-1565-H you get two power sources, the wall transformer and the Nicad battery Pack with recharger. 

HL-Mag: Optional Magnifier: Looking for magnification?  Our optional magnifier fits all our Halogen and LED Headlights.  Attaches directly to the Headlight by way of a fully adjustable arm. The kit includes 2 lenses - a 3 diopter (1 3/4 power) at 14" working distance and a 4 diopter (2 power) at 12" working distance.                

 LED Headlight

HL-1701-LED: Go whiter and cooler with our LED Headlight!  brightest ever!  Powerful, lightweight, comfortable and easy to use, with performance and quality that surpass headlights costing substantially more. 

  • The LED is rated for 115 Lumens at a color temperature of 5300° Kelvin. 
  • Molded COC Lens projects a cool UV free, uniform beam with consistent intensity from the spot's center to the outer edges. 
  • LED is rated for more than 50,000 hours, you will probably never have to replace the bulb! 
  • Projected light beam easily focuses from 2.5" spot to a 6" spot with virtually no parallax induced shadows.
  • Extremely lightweight - headset weighs only 5 ounces
  • Flexible headband easily adjusts to all head sizes.

HL-1703-LED with Battery Pack: Our brightest ever (HL-1701-LED above) with the added user convenience of a rechargeable battery kit!  Make it portable - go from room to room!  Battery runs the light for 3.5 hours and only requires 3.5 hours to recharge.  Lightweight battery fits into a pocket or clips to your belt. 


headlight-wireless.gifNew! HL-1601 - LED Wireless Headlight:
Go wireless with our NEW HL-1601 LED Headlight. Battery Pack connects directly to the headband allowing complete freedom of movement. Powerful and lightweight our single watt LED at 5250 degrees Kelvin produces a bright, white, cool, shadow free light, with 50,000 hours of life! Operates using convenient AA batteries - choose alkaline or rechargeable. Compared with Welch Allyn we're not only brighter at 130 Lumens versus only 20 Lumens - we are priced $180 less!  You'll not only feel the difference in the pocket, you'll see it!




headlight-with-loupes.jpg Looking for an economically priced LED Headlight with Surgical Loupes? click here 


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