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Hotchkiss Otoscope

The Hotchkiss ™ operating otoscope, used around the world by Otolaryngologist, Audiologist, Hyperbaric Medicine, Emergency Physicians, Pediatricians and Family Practice Physicians for myrigotomy and tube insertion, cerumen management and foreign body extraction. 

Enjoy this YouTube Video, entitled "It's a Boy!", sent to us by a customer.  It shows Dr. Pizarro doing a wonderful job removing cerumen using our Hotchkiss Otoscope and suction unit:





  • You SEE MORE with the Hotchkiss™ Otoscope

Because of the Coaxial Optical System:
With the exclusive concave mirror optical system in the Hotchkiss Otoscope, light emanates from the speculum tip along the line of vision.  The illuminated area and the viewed area are the same.  This coaxial optical system eliminates parallax error and illuminates the operative area with a clean, white light.

Because of Brighter Illumination with the Xenon Gas Lamp/Reflector:  The unique new optical system found only in the Hotchkiss Otoscopetriply condenses the light of the Xenon Lamp/Reflector, thus producing a brightness of illumination greater than that provided by conventional otoscopes.  The state of the art Xenon lamp incorporates a polished reflector that gives up to 300% more forward lighting, without any increase in wattage.  The result is a white light out put comparable to fiber optic halogen systems, without the diameter limitations or the delicate fiber optic cables to damage.                                                                                  


Coaxil Optical System with Triple condensation of light:
1.The filament's light is condensed by the lamp's reflector.  2.   The concave mirror gathers the light rays and focuses them.  3.  The rays are further condensed by the magnification lens.


  • You DO MORE with the Hotchkiss™ Otoscope

Because of Functional Design:
Revolutionary design permits effective one hand use.  The Hotchkiss Otoscope is designed to be held by the thumb and index finger of either hand, enabling canal straightening by the middle finger of the same hand.  This frees the other hand for instrumentation, operational procedures, cerumen management or holding the patient.

Because of Constant Magnification:
The Hotchkiss Otoscope is the only otoscope that permits unobstructed access for simultaneous instrumentation and viewing under full magnification.  The strategic placement of the magnifying lens, allows instrument access without sliding the lens out of the way.   Thus affording a clear, comprehensive view of the operative area and the instrument under full magnification.

Instrumentation Through the Hotchkiss Otoscope/Operational procedures using: 

Because of Improved Specula: 
Flanged specula improves comfort for patients, and makes it easier to achieve the positive air seal needed for pneumoscopy.  The specially designed sloping sides permit easier access of instruments and reduces glare.  The physiological graduation of tip sizes is 60% larger than the preceding one, giving a greater selection of tip sizes.   Hotchkiss Specula range from 2.5mm - 8mm.  In many procedures including cerumen management larger size tips are often necessary (8mm is 2 1/2 x as large as the standard 5mm).

              Hotchkiss Specula cross-section
Hotchkiss Specula
1) Cross section showing slope and flange  2) 2.5mm to 8mm with common tangent



  • You GET MORE with the Hotchkiss™ Otoscope

The Complete Units:
The Hotchkiss Complete Unit is everything you need to get started.  All Hotchkiss power sources are completely interchangeable.  The Hotchkiss optical head is universal so the user may choose the power source that best meets their needs, or add another type at anytime. 
Complete Unit includes:
Optical Head
Power Source (Clip-On or Transformer)
Autoclavable Specula set of 6 (2.5mm - 8mm)
Pneumoscopy Bellows (with optional pneumoscopy) 
Carrying Case
Alkaline Batteries 
#HO-60703X - Complete Unit with Clip-On Battery Power Source (our most poular)

The Optical Head
The heart of the Hotchkiss Otoscope, the light but durable optical head, is made of cast aluminum overlaid with brushed chrome.  The Hotchkiss optical head is considered the best diagnostic and operative otoscope head available.  The lens is treated with an anti-reflection coating to reduce glare and increase light transmittance.  Coaxial optical system with xenon gas lamp/reflector.

Hotchkiss Autoclavable Specula
Autoclavable Specula
Six sizes, ranging from 2.5mm to 8mm.  Flanged tips improve patient comfort.  The Slope of the sides permits easier access for instruments and helps to reduce glare.  Glare is further reduced by the dull black finish.  Will withstand sterilization by all conventional methods.



  • Choose the Power Source that best fits your needs
    All Power Sources are interchangeable, and will fit any Hotchkiss Optical Head


Clip-On Power Source
Designed for perfect balance and ease of handling, the clip-on power source is our most popular.  It allows your Hotchkiss to fit easily into your pocket, stand on your instrument table or simply travel in your bag.  Constructed of high impact plastic, it uses either alkaline (AA) batteries or nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries.   The unit may be autoclaved when batteries are removed.  Weighs only 3 ounces, including batteries.


Transformer Power Source
The ideal power source for the Hotchkiss Otoscope used at a single location.   Comes complete with two pronged coiled cord (extends to 12 feet).  Plugs into any 110 volt outlet.  For overseas use, 220 volt transformer is available.


Purchasing a Hotchkiss is easy 
Order online or call us at (800) 445-3544.  Be sure to check out all the Hotchkiss accessories by clicking the link at the top of this page and feel free to look through the Hotchkiss Operating Manual also linked at top of this page.  


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