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Lighted Disposable Ear Curettes

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Lighted Ear Curettes with Magnification, Disposable &
Lighted Ear Forceps with Magnification, Disposable


Lighted Ear Curette™ with Magnification

Winner of the Medical Design Excellence Award, the Lighted Ear Curette combines the safety of a single use ear curette with a powerful LED light source and magnification lens.  This all-in-one device puts curette, light and magnification right where you need it:


  • Different Tip Styles - gives you the right tool for the job and your patients don't feel any unnecessary discomfort.

  • Visualization - increasing the safety of the procedure by providing light and magnification.

  • Light - a brilliant LED white light is projected to the tip of the curette illuminating as it goes.  

  • Magnification Lens - enhances the view.

  • Safety - illumination and magnification improves procedural accuracy.

  • Saves Time - visualization allows you to quickly and efficiently remove cerumen.

  • Convenience - eliminates the need to use a separate light source.

  • Single Use Tips - reduces the risk of cross contamination as well as eliminating the time, labor and costs of sterilizing.

lighted-loop.jpgAngledLoop 4mm lighted-micro-loop.jpg
MicroLoop 3mm
WaveCurette 2.5mm
FlexLoop 4mm
CeraSpoon 4mm
lighted-lnfant.jpgInfantScoop 3mm  lighted-lecversa.jpg
VersaLoop 3mm




Lighted Ear Forceps with Magnification

Visualization, Safety and Convenience!  
The Lighted Ear Forceps is an innovative, new instrument for foreign body removal.  It gives the user illumination and magnification in a single-use forceps.  Ideal for the ear and nose, the forceps open to accommodate objects as large as 5mm with gripper teeth for a secure hold. 

To use: Examine the ear or nose to determine the location of the foreign body.  Insert the Lighted Forceps tip until it reaches the foreign body.  Once there, squeeze the spring grip to grasp the object and gently pull from the orifice. 

CPT Code:
Recommend CPT code 69210 for potential reimbursement.  Alternatively, cerumen removal may increase the complexity of the visit.  Curettage can also be used for foreign body removal and submitted under CPT code 69200 for potential reimbursement. 


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