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Welch Allyn Ear Wash System

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Welch Allyn Ear Wash System

Simplicity. Cleanliness. Safety. Efficiency.
Welch Allyn's Ear Wash System with Hydrovac Action is a state-of-the-art concept in cerumen removal. The Ear Wash System eliminates messy outflow by automatically dislodging, removing, and disposing of cerumen. And with all its built-in safety features, the Ear Wash System is ideal for use on patients of any age.

Hydrovac Action:
What makes the Welch Allyn Ear Wash System truely revolutionary is its built-in Hydrovac Action. This proprietary technology features simultaneous irrigation and suction capabilities, which means all discharge is directed away from you and the patient. And since you can easily control and monitor suction, water temperature and pressure levels, the Ear Wash System is ideal for patients of all ages.


Designed with safety in mind:
The Welch Allyn Ear Wash System includes several built-in features that reduce side effects associated with irrigation - including vertigo, nausea, deeper cerumen impaction, perferated ear drums and other tympanic membrane damage.

welchallyne-tip.gif welchallynhandle.gif welchallynw.gif
1) Disposable Eartip 2) Handle 3) Pressure Chamber

1) The bio-compatible, latex-free eartip provides a tight seal at the patient's ear canal, and features an outflow channel that directs water back to the sink drain instead of onto you or the patient. A cerumen-trapping screen inside the transparent eartip enables you and your patient to visualize any dislodged cerumen and discard after use.

2) The handle contains built-in features such as the water flow actuator and temperature sensor, which help reduce messy outflow as well as the incidence of patient dizziness and vertigo. Light turns white when water temperature is at least 90°F.

Ear Wash System Specifications:
Operating Temperature: 50° - +104°F (10° - +40°C)
Storage Temperature: -40° - +120°F(-40° - +49°C)
Flow Rate From Tip: 100ml (0.0264 gal) of water per 20 seconds at operating pressure
Faucet Pressure: 40 - 110 psi (275kPa - 758kPa)
Minimum Water Flow: 7.51/min (2 gal/min)
Water pressure From Tip: 10psi (69kPa)

Third-Party Reimbursement:
Qualifies you for third-party reimbursement (CPT Code 69210 - removal of impacted cerumen on one of both ears - USA only).



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